Finally, a Business Alternative to Cable Internet on Cape Cod

Cable Internet reliability has  improved a lot over the years. So much so that redundancy hasn’t been top of mind for many business owners. Until now. With iMedia clients feverously moving to cloud based servers and desktops, the need for ...

This Is Better Than Getting A New PC

Who doesn’t love an new computer? Heck yes! Does anyone ever decline an upgrade? Next time someone asks you if ...

Remote Workers Use Broken Hardware So They Don’t Get Into Trouble

A new report has discovered that 67% of remote workers are using faulty hardware when they work remotely. Often that’s because they’ve ...

Business Owners Share 6 Cloud Benefits

Business Owners Share 6 Benefits of The Cloud IN THE WORDS OF CUSTOMERS AND FELLOW BUSINESS OWNERS “We are able to access our programs and information from anywhere. Staff can work from the office, home, on the road – even ...

Some of Your Staff Really Want To Work from Home

Some of your staff REALLY want to work from home permanently. Here's how to make working from home happen. Telecommuting or Remote Work from Home has really come of age in the last two years. We should know. At iMedia ...

Is Your Business Ready for Windows 11?

There are many benefits in the newest Windows 11 release. It’s a lot more secure, has improved functionality, and endless possibilities ...

Your IT Threat Could Come From Within Your Business

The threat to a business from outside perpetrators is very real. When it comes to cybercrime, most envision hackers alone in a dark basement.  But sometimes the threat comes from within the company, and it is even harder to detect ...

4 Reasons Why IT Training Is Essential For Remote Employees

Working from home is now as common as working at the office. So, the technical features and security measures that go along with working remote are more important than ever. Securing a remote work strategy always a far away dream ...

Hack Vs. Data Breach: How To Protect Your Business From Both

Cyber companies, including us, tend to use these two terms interchangeably. But it’s crucial to your business to know what exactly the difference is and how to protect your company against both types of cyberattacks. Cyberattacks were up in 2019—32% ...

9 Cyber Security Steps Every Person Must Take On A Smartphone

These days our smartphone’s are essentially a mini computer. This being said, your phone needs to be taken care of just as your desktop or laptop. Failing to take basic proactive steps can lead to degraded performance and increased security ...


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