Business Owners Share 6 Benefits of The Cloud


  1. “We are able to access our programs and information from anywhere. Staff can work from the office, home, on the road – even vacation. Easy. No trouble with having IT provide and change secure remote access. We get 30% more work done. We have been able to shift our business model to save money and get more done. We get more personal life too, being able to fit work in while still having a family life.”
  2. “We are better able to attract and retain employees. Our new employees can use their own computer or devices; what they are familiar with and like. They can work from anywhere and anytime; we offer flex time.”
  3. “I have an improved business continuity plan. Information isn’t maintained at my location, where it could be stolen or subject to fire or other natural disaster. I can keep my business running from almost anywhere.”
  4. Security is so much better. I have more confidence that my information stays only my information. I can easily add or remove users. I can control who has access to what information, from where, when. I can prevent my data from being downloaded or put onto media, where it could be given to a competitor. I get world-class protection.”
  5. “We had to shift to operating expense vs capital expense. Our budget and finance groups wouldn’t allow us to buy technology. But with the cloud, we got more, now, and pay as we use it. Everyone is happy.”
  6. We no longer have outdated hardware and software. The cloud is providing us immediate access to the latest software and the fastest hardware, so we get a continued boost to our business from using current technology. Someone else keeps paying to maintain and upgrade it.”

Every business has their reason for choosing to use cloud services over in-house hardware and software. Yours may or may not be listed. Understanding what your options are, features, benefits, and costs all contribute to making the right decision. Many companies are intrigued, but don’t know where to start. Start with your business challenges: hiring, sales, aging computers, working remote, inefficiencies. Then talk to a cloud consultant to come up with a cloud strategy, plan, and budget.