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At iMedia Technology, we understand that you want your business technology to be secure, reliable, and competitive. We know that you need a Managed Service Provider that is frustration-free and tailored to your Cape Cod business.

We understand that it can be frustrating to feel like you're overpaying for IT services that aren't solving your problems. You're left worried about the security of your business and reliability of your technology.

We believe that every Cape Cod business deserves to feel confident in their IT support, and we're here to help.

iMedia Technology is a local IT company based in Centerville that provides comprehensive technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses on Cape Cod and beyond.  

Here's some of what we do for our business clients:

  • Managed IT Services: We monitor, maintain, and optimize your business technology, ensuring its security, performance, and availability.
  • Cloud services: Most everything is cloud based these days. We help you migrate, integrate, and manage your cloud applications and computers. We reduce hardware expenses by leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud.
  • Backup and disaster recovery: We protect your critical data and systems from any disaster, whether natural or cyber intrusion, and ensure you can recover quickly and smoothly.
  • IT consulting: We advise you on IT strategies and solutions for your business, based on your needs, budget, and goals.
  • IT support: We provide you with fast, friendly, and effective IT support, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • VoIP phone services: We provide and support business class phone services making changes and support effortless.

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Too many Cape Cod firms are tired of dealing with unreliable, mediocre IT support and are slow to make a change out of fear of being disappointed again. Avoid those concerns with iMedia Technology; we’ll create a custom IT plan, an IT strategy, and technology budget specific to your company. You can finally be confident that your business is secure, productive, and competitive.

What Clients Say About iMedia’s IT Support

“Ultra-professional, problem solvers and always looking to the future to maintain our "Uptime".
“Simply the best. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my tech needs.”
“I cannot say enough about the professional attitude and quick service!”
“iMedia delivers great customer service every time I use them. My colleagues say the same.”
“We appreciate IMedia "having our backs" and keeping us current on all aspects of computer security. They are a pleasure to work with.”
“It's nice to have an team that responds quickly and efficiently so that we can do our jobs.”
“Our company has been using iMedia for a couple years now, and they have been able to solve my issues promptly and are very courteous.”
“The company I work for has used iMedia for many years. They have been a great company to work with.”
“Great customer service and the staff is phenomenal.”
“Friendly staff and speedy help!”
“Great Company to deal with.... very detailed oriented and thorough.”
“No Task to little or too big. I highly recommend services provided by iMedia Technology.”
“The folks at iMedia are eager to help, friendly and responsive, and tenacious.”
“Outstanding Technical Support. 100% friendly staff. Timely responses. Strategic Networking Leadership. Cost Effective.”
“My experience with iMedia has been nothing less than stellar! The staff is not only professional but down to earth and super friendly.”
“They have improved the technology in our somewhat dated office to a level that competes with everyone else.”
“These guys are great. It's wonderful having personal IT support. Leagues better than calling a large telephone support line and being read a script.”
“iMedia has be an absolute godsend to work with.”
“iMedia continues to go above and beyond for our everyday needs!”
“They are very accommodating and do what it takes to solve the problem. Doubt our company could function well without them.”
“Highly recommend to others searching for a team that can assist with all your IT support!”

 What You Can Expect from iMedia

  • What are managed IT services? Managed IT services is a term that covers various aspects of IT support, such as help desk, cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, Microsoft 365, IT strategy and professional services, and cloud services.
  • Why is help desk support important? Help desk support is essential for resolving IT issues that may affect the productivity and efficiency of employees. Without a responsive help desk, employees may resort to asking their peers, dealing with the problem themselves, or submitting a service ticket that may not be solved quickly.
  • How does cybersecurity protect businesses from ransomware and other threats? Cybersecurity is a crucial layer of defense for small businesses that are often targeted by hackers who want to extort money from them. iMedia Technology provides comprehensive cybersecurity measures and a guide to help clients understand the why and how of cybersecurity.
  • What does backup and disaster recovery entail? Backup and disaster recovery is a service that ensures the data of the clients is safe and recoverable in case of any loss, damage, or breach. iMedia Technology backs up both onsite and offsite servers, as well as Microsoft 365 accounts, and follows a service level agreement and a disaster recovery plan.
  • How does Microsoft 365 can improve productivity and collaboration? Microsoft 365 is a productivity suite that offers various applications and features for email, document creation, communication, and more. iMedia Technology helps clients use Microsoft 365 to its full potential, by providing fast support, end user training, and guidance on additional applications.
  • How does IT strategy and professional services help with business goals and challenges? IT strategy and professional services is a service that helps clients plan and implement technology solutions that align with their business needs and vision. iMedia Technology assists clients with opening new offices, getting rid of old servers, evaluating and selecting vendors, moving to the cloud, and leveraging artificial intelligence.
  • What are cloud services? Cloud services are the delivery of computing resources over the internet, such as servers, storage, databases, software, and analytics. Cloud services can provide flexibility, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency for businesses.
  • How does iMedia Technology helps clients with cloud services? iMedia Technology helps clients by identifying their future goals for growth, what business applications and data are in use, and what options are available to them. iMedia Technology creates an individual Cloud Plan for each client to ensure a smooth and confident transition to the cloud.
  • Why are cloud services important in a world of increasing remote work? Cloud services enable employees to access their work computer, applications, and data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Cloud services also reduce the need for onsite servers, which can save money and maintenance costs.


Meet Your Technology Advocate


Understand Your Options


Confidently Grow Your Business

So, request your quote today. In the meantime, download and read through 11 Steps To Make Your Business More Secure, Productive & Competitive. Stop the frustration with bad IT support, with iMedia you will feel confident with Managed IT.

11 Steps To Make Your Business More Secure, Productive & Competitive

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If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the frustration of working with bad IT companies. You’ve likely wondered if there’s an IT professional you can truly trust that will help you feel in control of your company. At iMedia Technology, we get it.