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Here's Our Secret To Making Housing Authority Technology Work Seamlessly, Just Like A Swiss Watch.

We understand that many housing authorities are tired of dealing with unreliable hardware and mediocre IT support. It can be frustrating when your staff's day is disrupted by PC problems and waiting for IT to respond. We know how it feels to slog by with aging computers, taking longer than necessary to get things done.

We think that it's simpler for housing authorities to update technology with a set IT budget. It may be smoother to get a fixed OPEX expense approved by the board, than to seek a big capital expenditure. That's why we have a better solution - skipping CAPEX upgrades and instead giving a fixed monthly OPEX fee that covers everything you need for IT - servers, computers, networking, and support.

We use cloud technology to host your server and PCs, allowing your housing authority to pay for IT like a utility bill. Your staff can continue to use a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to use their cloud PC without having to learn new skills. And the best part? Professionally managed cloud PCs don't age like traditional PCs. We periodically publish fresh operating systems and upgrade processors when you're not working, so you can have a computer that doesn't slow down with time.

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What Clients Say About iMedia’s IT Support


“Ultra-professional, problem solvers and always looking to the future to maintain our "Uptime".
“Simply the best. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my tech needs.”
“I cannot say enough about the professional attitude and quick service!”
“iMedia delivers great customer service every time I use them. My colleagues say the same.”
“We appreciate IMedia "having our backs" and keeping us current on all aspects of computer security. They are a pleasure to work with.”
“It's nice to have an team that responds quickly and efficiently so that we can do our jobs.”
“Our company has been using iMedia for a couple years now, and they have been able to solve my issues promptly and are very courteous.”
“The company I work for has used iMedia for many years. They have been a great company to work with.”
“Great customer service and the staff is phenomenal.”
“Friendly staff and speedy help!”
“Great Company to deal with.... very detailed oriented and thorough.”
“No Task to little or too big. I highly recommend services provided by iMedia Technology.”
“The folks at iMedia are eager to help, friendly and responsive, and tenacious.”
“Outstanding Technical Support. 100% friendly staff. Timely responses. Strategic Networking Leadership. Cost Effective.”
“My experience with iMedia has been nothing less than stellar! The staff is not only professional but down to earth and super friendly.”
“They have improved the technology in our somewhat dated office to a level that competes with everyone else.”
“These guys are great. It's wonderful having personal IT support. Leagues better than calling a large telephone support line and being read a script.”
“iMedia has be an absolute godsend to work with.”
“iMedia continues to go above and beyond for our everyday needs!”
“They are very accommodating and do what it takes to solve the problem. Doubt our company could function well without them.”
“Highly recommend to others searching for a team that can assist with all your IT support!”

Housing Authorities Need Specialized IT Support

At iMedia Technology we know that you want your housing authority to be secure and your staff to be able to work from anywhere. To do that, you need peace of mind that your IT support is protecting and planning for all scenarios.

The problem is you currently have an ineffective IT service. Slow IT support reduces productivity. Inexperience with QuickBooks and other PHA software applications inhibit your productivity.

You are left feeling frustrated and on edge with your design build IT support. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about your IT and that you deserve the best IT planning and support.

Become happy with your productivity and finally be confident in your IT. Here is how it works:


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