These days our smartphone’s are essentially a mini computer. This being said, your phone needs to be taken care of just as your desktop or laptop. Failing to take basic proactive steps can lead to degraded performance and increased security risks.


The same goes if you’re using a work provided phone. It is your responsibility to follow your companies’ policies which strive for proper device maintenance. If you’re unsure of company policy, ask!


If you don’t check off most/all of the following checklist, your phone could lead you into the dark world of cyber crime.


¨ Remove unused apps (digital cleaning)

¨ Review App permissions (not everything needs access to your location)

¨ Antivirus software installed (it is a computer after all)

¨ Password protected and lock screen after a short period of no use (it is simple common sense)

¨ VPN installed (Never connect to public WiFi without a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic.  VPN prevents cyber criminals from intercepting and stealing your data on public networks)

¨ Auto update enabled (updates often patch security flaws and glitches in the operating system and apps)

¨ Backed up (either back up to the cloud, a computer, or both)

¨ Find My  Phone (phone manufacturers offer a service that allows you to locate your phone from a different device. You can make it ring, or completely reset it to default erasing its contents.)

¨ Authentication (two factor authentication requires something you know (your password) plus something you have (your phone) to log into an account. Particularly vital for online banking from phone apps).


If your business uses smartphones as a way to communicate with clients and vendors you have to ensure the safety of their information. Especially if you use a smartphone or tablet for financial reasons the risk is that much more.


With most business working remote, these portable devices can make the process much easier. But if not taken care of, can be a fatal back door to your business. Give us a call to help you get set up while working from home at 508-790-4171. In the meantime, visit our blog to learn more about how a VoIP Phone system can elevate your business communication.