Who doesn’t love an new computer?
Heck yes! Does anyone ever decline an upgrade?

Next time someone asks you if you want a new PC, consider saying “no thanks”. Let me explain.

Instead, what you want is something that will make your workday even better. A new PC is great, but doesn’t solve any real day to day issues we encounter.


  • Ever leave the laptop at home? No problem – no need to drive back and get it.
  • Wish you could work at something at home, leave for the office, and log into your work computer and have the same desktop? Done. You got it.
  • Ever rush out the door and find yourself sitting in a clients office and realize you forgot to transfer some files? Panic sets in. Never again.
  • Loose your laptop? Stolen laptop? No need to worry about that. We got this one solved too.
  • Wish your IT could support you from anywhere? They can now.
  • Sick of writing big checks for new PC’s all the time? You will never have worry about PC hardware again.
  • Did you forget to tell IT to order a new computer for the employee who is starting Monday? Yeah, we got it.

Here’s how we solve these day to day problems that a new PC can’t.
It’s Simple. We store your desktop in the cloud.

You’ll stream your desktop to a monitor at home, at work, to a tablet, or a laptop. You might stream to all of them depending on how or where you’re going to work that day.

You’ll connect to your cloud desktop the same way you connect to the internet now, through your smartphone, plugged in at the office, home wireless, the hotel Wi-Fi.

Every month iMedia Technology is moving business computers from office hardware to the cloud. People love it. You might too. Give us a call to see if it’s a fit for your company. You’ll be surprised how beneficial it’s become.