Getting to Grips With Email Security

Most companies haven’t put into place basic email security because they don’t understand it. In addition, below is a video detailing a few things you can do today to make sure you company is less vulnerable to cyber attacks.   ...

Your 2023 Need-to-Know Guide to Cloud Security

The growth of cloud computing has completely changed how we work. But security in a cloud environment can create challenges. In addition to the guide, below is a video providing you with 3 things you can do today to secure ...

Hackers Are On To You When You Get Too Many MFA Alerts!

If you have multifactor authentication (MFA) on some of your accounts, it's possible you've been barraged with an onslaught of approval requests on your phone. They keep coming - dozens of them - for hours. Maybe late at night or ...

Here's an Intelligent Way to Avoid the Ransomware Explosion

The number of ransomware attacks detected in Q1 of 2022 is double all detections during 2021*.   Traditional antivirus and firewalls alone won't protect your business. Layers of protection are needed to fend off these inbound threats. The historical security ...

Antivirus Isn’t Protecting Your Business. It’s Time for A Change.

Here’s the problem with antivirus: There’s a common assumption that up-to-date antivirus will keep you safe when browsing the web, downloading files, and opening email. It’s a bad assumption. Antivirus is only about 40 to 60% effective at best when ...

Why You Should Never Use Your Browser’s Password Manager

Microsoft is always introducing new features and services to keep your people safe online, and ...

Never Use Your Browser’s Password Manager

Microsoft is always introducing new features and services to keep your people safe online, and ...

Don't Click On EMail Links

New research has revealed that PayPal was the most spoofed business in all financial phishing emails in 2021, accounting for 37.8% of attacks. Mastercard and American Express followed behind, with 12.2% and 10% share of attacks. It’s because PayPal is ...

Check Your Business’s Defenses Against Russian Cyber Attacks

While the cyber security of your business should always be a high priority, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means that businesses may be at an increased risk of cyber-attack. Although there is no direct threat at present, the West is placing ...

Microsoft Blocks 1,000 Malicious Emails a Second

Microsoft’s recently revealed that more than 35.7 billion malicious emails were sent to its customers last year. Fortunately for us, the tech giant blocked 1,000 of these malicious emails every second of 2021. That’s about 31.5 million seconds. Many of ...


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