Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime With Managed IT Support

You’ve heard it over and over again. “Cyber crime is on the rise!”, “Cyber security is important now more than ever”, etc. You read these headlines repeatedly and still take no action. Its hard to believe cyber crime even happens. You NEVER believe ...

5 Steps To Better Video Calls

Sending employees home to work can be intimidating. For many companies, working remotely is nothing new. In extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters, utility outages or pandemics, many thousands of workers can instantly be displaced from their normal office setting. ...

How To Avoid Getting Hacked, Losing Money, And Losing Business

Your business has been hacked. Funds have been extorted and your hard-earned money is lost. Your cyber insurance claim was denied because you “could have been more prepared”. It’s your worst business nightmare. Now what? You’re suffering from double damages. ...

Are You A Cyber Criminals Low Hanging Fruit?

Did you know cybercrime has been surging since the onset of the pandemic? Do you know if you’re a cybercriminals low hanging fruit? Exactly how is your business is protected against cybercrime? At iMedia Technology we’ve been listening and hear ...


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