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Cyber Thugs Are Attracted To Your Business Like A Moth To A Flame

Here’s one way to put the flame out. If you’re an SMB with a cyber insurance policy, you may have noticed a push to enable multifactor authentication (MFA). The recent boom in ransomware claims has hurt the bottom line of ...

Why SMB's Need a Cybersecurity Audit (and 3 Tips to Get It Right)

Cape Cod businesses need more than the latest antivirus software and a firewall to ensure ...

VoIP Service Attacks Cause Business Phone Disruption

Crazy VoIP Problems The month of September has been rough for VoIP phone service providers. There have been attacks on a few major carriers causing a service disruption to trickle down through the VoIP industry. The carrier Star2Star which iMedia ...

Your IT Threat Could Come From Within Your Business

The threat to a business from outside perpetrators is very real. When it comes to cybercrime, most envision hackers alone in a dark basement.  But sometimes the threat comes from within the company, and it is even harder to detect ...

How Much Should You Really Pay For Managed IT Services?

Yikes, this is a tricky one because there isn’t an IT industry billing standard. Some IT services charge a monthly fee per site, per device, per user, or a combination. Pricing quickly gets elaborate and confusing. There are multiple factors that determine the amount of effort it will take to manage your technology: device ...

Cyber Crime Is Becoming A Popular Trend, Learn How To Avoid It

Keeping up with trends when it comes to pop culture or fashion is challenging in itself. When it comes to cybercrime, you’ll likely never be ahead of the hackers! Their ability to adapt their tactics and tailor them to be ...

No Industry Is Immune To A Cyber Attack

Ok, who would have thought meat plant, steamboat, and the NYC subway would be on the attack list of hackers in 2021?  It’s easy to think that cyberattacks are primarily aimed at the federal government and social media platforms. These businesses are overflowing with user data, and plenty of attacks are! But recent times have proven that ...

4 Reasons Why IT Training Is Essential For Remote Employees

Working from home is now as common as working at the office. So, the technical features and security measures that go along with working remote are more important than ever. Securing a remote work strategy always a far away dream ...

A Cyber Attack Will Cost You Money, Time, And Your Smile

Most of the time you will hear how expensive a cyber attack is. While this is true, there is much more than money lost in an attack. Take it from Smile Direct Club! SmileDirectClub (SDC) is a business that offers ...

Hack Vs. Data Breach: How To Protect Your Business From Both

Cyber companies, including us, tend to use these two terms interchangeably. But it’s crucial to your business to know what exactly the difference is and how to protect your company against both types of cyberattacks. Cyberattacks were up in 2019—32% ...


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