The 6 Ways A Cyber Attack Will Cost Your Business

In terms of cyber crime in recent years, the trend has only gone up. The numbers don’t lie. Though in this case, we wish they would, just to soften the blow. Cybercrimes cost an estimated $945 billion in 2020, according ...

What Small Businesses Should Learn From the Pipeline Cyber Attack

You are not Colonial Pipeline, and that should scare you. You've probably heard about the recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, a huge pipeline operator. According to the company, Colonial handles 45% of the East Cost's fuel delivery. 5500 ...

5 Common Misconceptions About Cyber Criminals

When someone mentions a cyber criminal what do you think of? For most of us, the image that comes to mind when we hear the word “hacker” is pretty stereotypical. Probably a young guy wearing a hoodie and headphones, in a basement, surrounded by displays ...

How To Understand Cryptocurrency And Use It To Your Advantage

Cryptocurrency is now a household term that we hear all the time. Many people don’t fully understand what it is and how it works. In this blog we hope to provide some understanding of what cryptocurrency is and how it can help you in business. If you are ever a target of a ransomware ...

Every Business Needs A Password Manager To Grow in 2021

From password overload to the new world of working from home, you’ve got more to consider when it comes to effective cybersecurity.  A password manager can help your company reduce risk of a cyber breach and increase efficiency.  Password managers help users generate strong, secure passwords that can be synchronized across multiple devices, whether ...

3 IT Investments You Should NEVER Ignore As A Business Owner

Too often small business owners will not make room in their budget for their technology to save a few bucks up-front. They aren’t willing to pull out the credit card for a security solution because they don’t want to deal ...

MA RMV Went Down. When Will It Be Your Business' Turn?

Your critical IT systems are down. Your business applications don’t work. Your customer data can't be accessed. You've experienced a cyberattack. How soon would you be able to get back up and running? That question should be on every business ...

Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime With Managed IT Support

You’ve heard it over and over again. “Cyber crime is on the rise!”, “Cyber security is important now more than ever”, etc. You read these headlines repeatedly and still take no action. Its hard to believe cyber crime even happens. You NEVER believe ...

5 Steps To Better Video Calls

Sending employees home to work can be intimidating. For many companies, working remotely is nothing new. In extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters, utility outages or pandemics, many thousands of workers can instantly be displaced from their normal office setting. ...

How To Avoid Getting Hacked, Losing Money, And Losing Business

Your business has been hacked. Funds have been extorted and your hard-earned money is lost. Your cyber insurance claim was denied because you “could have been more prepared”. It’s your worst business nightmare. Now what? You’re suffering from double damages. ...


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