If you have multifactor authentication (MFA) on some of your accounts, it's possible you've been barraged with an onslaught of approval requests on your phone. They keep coming - dozens of them - for hours. Maybe late at night or during the day.

The worst thing you can do is to blindly approve an MFA request because you're annoyed and want the notifications go away.

Here's why this is happening: someone has your password and is trying to break into your account! They KNOW you have MFA, and they are trying to annoy the crap out of you in hopes you'll just approve the requests.

Hackers know you don’t like being annoyed. They just want you to approve one to let this  hacker into your account. That's all it takes! Annoyed - then breached.

We've been diligently getting clients on the MFA (multifactor authentication) train, some come kicking and screaming. Yes, it’s a burden. It's another step, another click.  However it’s very effective at protecting your accounts.

MFA is so effective, your cyber liability E&O insurance carrier will if you're using MFA. If you're not using MFA, expect higher premiums or a declined policy.

When our clients are bombarded with MFA requests, we can intervene so long as the MFA isn't approved.

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