Did you know cybercrime has been surging since the onset of the pandemic? Do you know if you’re a cybercriminals low hanging fruit? Exactly how is your business is protected against cybercrime?

At iMedia Technology we’ve been listening and hear that business owners are concerned about cyber threats. We understand you’re busy running your business, and IT is the last thing you want to be distracted with. That’s why we’ve researched and have been applying cyber security best practices to protect many of our business clients. We’re reaching out to business owners and technology decision makers to make sure you really understand the need for cyber protection and the risks to your business should you not take action.

Since the pandemic started:

  1. A 350% increase in phishing websites was reported by the U.N. in the first quarter of 2020.
  2. The FBI reported cybercrime reports quadrupled and Interpol reports a 36% increase in ransomware.
  3. Verizon reports that a staggering 81% of hacking related breaches results from compromised passwords.

Security weaknesses and gaping holes in your technology may have been a tolerable risk in the past. Today, the cyber-attack odds are against you. Just one security breach, one ransomware incident, could be FINANCIALLY FATAL and bring to an end everything you spent a life time building.

These factors, and the surge of employees working remotely have driven up the number of breaches in 2020. These events make one thing of heightened and paramount importance: securing your business technology is critical to survival. If you don’t have ongoing, trustworthy, reliable IT Support to secure your business, you’re likely to be the low hanging fruit for cyber thugs.

Surprisingly, cyber security doesn’t have to be overly complex and intimidating. iMedia Technology makes securing your business easy:

  1. Meet with your Technology Advocate
  2. Get your cyber security plan
  3. Be secure

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Whether you’re an existing client, or new to iMedia Technology we think you should be confident in your business technology and security. Imagine the confidence you will have knowing iMedia’s “11 Ways Technology Can Make Your Business Secure is protecting your business.  Imagine sleeping well knowing you’re not a cyber criminals low hanging fruit.