There are so many “most importants”  when it comes to owning a business. You will hear something new from anyone you talk to. You must have the best product, the best aesthetic, the best this, the best that. While providing a quality service or product is VERY important, there is one thing that takes the reign.

The relationship you have with your clients is what will really set you apart from every other business. No one can be taught to care about other people. When you really truly care it will shine.

The secret is- you cannot get too comfortable.

Treat every client like a new client. It’s easy to be excited when a new customer joins the fold, but over time that initial glow can fade and your team may devote more of their attention to chasing new prospects rather than nurturing their existing relationships. Make sure you stay engaged with existing clients. Do this through calls, surveys, in-person visits, and regular communications (like client newsletters) so they know they aren’t being taken for granted.

You can even go the extra mile and reward their loyalty. Retailers have found great success using customer loyalty programs, and MSPs can benefit from a similar strategy. Find ways to add more value for long-term customers. Try offering special package offers, training, add-on services, discounts, and other rewards.

Your clients are what keep your business running. Show them respect, appreciation, and attentiveness. When you have valued relationships, your business WILL succeed.