6 Ways Microsoft 365 Can Increase Your Business Productivity 

Microsoft 365 can give your business powerful capabilities. Through AI powered tools you can unleash your business's creativity and fuel innovation. You can now create high-quality content that really stands out. AI-powered tools help you turn an ever-growing mass of data into ...

7 Reasons EMR Cloud Vendors Don't Relieve You Of HIPAA Compliance

If you believe your practice is HIPAA compliant because you use cloud based EMR/EHR, think again. Your cloud vendor does not relieve you of your compliance obligations. Read the fine print. Your software subscription probably says something to the effect ...

6 Problems the Cloud Can Solve For Your Business

Deciding to use Cloud services instead of onsite technology is a daunting obstacle. As a business owner, deciding to move to the cloud should be based on business problems that cloud technology can solve. A common, knee jerk reaction is ...

5 Reasons I Won’t Move My Business To the Cloud

If you are debating moving your business to the cloud, you have probably doubted it for the following reasons. When you rule your business decisions based out of fear, you are holding yourself back. The following explanations will prove why ...

How The Cloud Helps Your Business Recruit &Retain The Best Talent

Not long ago, a client was in our office and I asked him: “Why did your company move to the cloud?” His response shocked me. “We moved to the cloud so we could hire the best talent”. I probed further ...


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