You’ve heard it over and over again. “Cyber crime is on the rise!”, “Cyber security is important now more than ever”, etc. You read these headlines repeatedly and still take no action. Its hard to believe cyber crime even happens. You NEVER believe it will happen to you! Your business is secured with the same trusty password you have had your whole career, and you’ve never been hacked before! Or you may have a managed service provider handling your IT and cyber needs and think you’re 100% covered at all times.

The scary truth is that cyber threats changes by the minute. If you have had the same cyber security protections in place for the last several years, they are severely outdated.

Think about the kind of cell phone you had ten years ago! Technology is constantly changing. Cyber criminals are lurking into your world and you don’t even know it.

Realistically, businesses everywhere are getting hacked every day. The problem is, you do not hear about these attacks. You only ever hear about the big companies who lost millions of dollars and put hundreds of thousands of clients at risk. That is because they are legally required to share they were breached. Smaller businesses keep their cyber breaches quiet.

If you were hacked, would you want to advertise to your community that you were ill prepared and lax enough to let this happen?

The big question is: How can you avoid this detrimental breach and embarrassment?

The answer is simple.

Educate Yourself 

The most powerful tool used to fight cyber crime is to improve your own knowledge. As a business owner or team leader, it is your job to know what is putting your business at risk and then educating your staff accordingly. Be aware of what your business has in place to protect itself.

Update Your Armor 

Whether you update your own firewall and malware software, or you have an MSP that keeps these measures up to date for you, verify that your defenses are updated.

Be sure you have an ongoing conversation with your IT team to ensure you have the latest protective measures in place.

Use a Password Manager to safely store usernames and passwords for all of your accounts.

Use web filtering to block known malicious web sites and malware.

Periodically check the Dark Web for  account credentials that may have been compromised from your business.

Keep Communications Open

Once you have updated your protections and you are aware of what threats your business faces, keep the line of communication open with your team. Your staff and IT support company should constantly be checking in with one another.

The threat of cyber crime is just as scary as a physical robbery these days. It is  essential you trust your team, you are educated, and you can count on your IT company to keep you safe.

It takes three steps to get started.

  1. Meet with your technology advocate 
  2. Deep dive into what your protected against now, and create a strategy to cover yourself in the future 
  3. Rest assured knowing your business is safe against todays cyber threats 

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