6 Problems the Cloud Can Solve For Your Business

Deciding to use Cloud services instead of onsite technology is a daunting obstacle. As a insurance owner, deciding to move to the cloud should be based on agency problems that cloud technology can solve. 

A common, knee jerk reaction is to do a cost comparison between cloud and onsite computers. Honestly, this is the wrong approach. Spreadsheet analyses paralysis can overlook larger benefits and value a move to the cloud can provide. 

Using cloud services is not an IT decision, it’s a Business Decision. When your IT staff proposes moving to the cloud, ask why. If the explanation is based on technical babble, then you know the focus might be mismatched with your business priorities. 

See if any of these reasons resonate with why you might consider moving your busines to the cloud. 

  1. Cloud Workstations make it Easier To Work From Anywhere 
  1. I’m not talking about VPN’s, Terminal Servers, or Remote Desktop. Those worked ok at one point in time. The new standard of Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) has transformed remote work forever. WVD is stable, has excellent performance, and is exceptionally easy to use allowing your employees to work from anywhere. 
  1. Security and Compliance are easier to achieve in the cloud 
  1. Azure security templates help meet compliance needs, can reduce your cyber liability policy costs, and give you piece of mind that you are actually compliant. 
  1. The cloud is scalable which solves the problem of cost effectively adding/removing employees.  
  1. Scalable means it is easy to make changes. As your insurance ageny evolves you can add or remove employees, increase capacity, and boost performance.  
  1. Be ready for the unforeseen with built in Business Continuity.  
  1. With Cloud technology you’re ready for the next pandemic, flood, fire, or other unforeseen circumstance. Continue to work from anywhere without concern for Internet, electricity, HVAC or other utilities that can set your business back. 
  1. Reduce your office space.  
  1. Shifting some or all employees to remote work might save you from expanding the office space. Some companies reduce office space or get rid of it all together. 
  1. Hire staff from outside your typical geographical boundaries.  
  1. If some of your producers don’t need a physical presence in your office, youre free to hire the right people at the right time. By offering remote work employment you open the entire country to your career opportunities.  

Your insurance agency shouldn’t be tied down by aging technology. At iMedia Technology, we create a custom Cloud strategy, give you a plan and budget, and implement a custom cloud solution so you can be confident your business is secure, productive, and competitive. Schedule your free consultation at iMediaTech.com