From password overload to the new world of working from home, you’ve got more to consider when it comes to effective cybersecurity.  A password manager can help your company reduce risk of a cyber breach and increase efficiency. 

Password managers help users generate strong, secure passwords that can be synchronized across multiple devices, whether desktop or mobile. Password managers will usually separate personal and business credentials as well. This will help ensure employees don’t accidentally leak sensitive business information. This also comes in handy when a flustered employee leaves the company. They will be unable to access their accounts leaving your business at risk.  

The best password managers also help your IT support team monitor and measure security performance by creating a security score. This is based on metrics like reuse of passwords across business and personal accounts.   

Your employees will have to put less brain power into remembering dozens of passwords and rather focus on their job. They also enable coworkers to securely share passwords through the password manager which lessens the opportunity for a data breach.  

A business password manager makes it easy for all employees, including remote workers. So they can safely and securely access your network and share data. Password managers also give system admins greater control over passwords. As the administrator, you’ll have greater flexibility togive and take access to employees... wherever they are.  

With a password manager, you’ll also be able to see your network security status at a glance and uncover (and fight) any potential risks. Opting for a password manager for small businesses can help prevent detrimental breaches and downtime. This will ensure that your loyal employees don’t unwittingly expose your business to risk.   

Start protecting your business today. Give your IT team a call and get set up with Dashlane, the password manager trusted by more than 18,000 companies to help create, enforce, and track effective access management. 

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