With such a simple title, you may be asking yourself, "Do you really need an entire blog on this topic?"

The answer is... not really. However, it HAS to be addressed.

The prevalence of a single monitor in workplaces is seriously hindering productivity.

You hear vendors pitching you client portals, AI tools, Microsoft 365 adoption, etc. All of those things are GREAT and will definitely improve your business’s productivity, but let's not miss the low hanging fruit: Ensuring every single one of your employees has at least two monitors.

The daily mix of spreadsheets, applications, and web browser tabs makes working on a single monitor an endless battle. Luckily, adding a second monitor could not be any simpler:

  1. Look at the ports on the back of the computer - I can almost guarantee there is an extra HDMI or Display Port back there.
  2. Plug in a monitor with that respective cord (or get a $10 adapter).
  3. Go to display settings and add which side that monitor sits on the user’s desk.

(You can also skip all of that and just reach out to us at iMediatech.com )

There are studies showing a clear productivity boost by adding an additional monitor. It allows users to complete tasks significantly faster because they don't have to keep switching what they're looking at!

Ironically, your employees may provide push back. After all, people like what they're used to! However, you can't give in to this pushback and the ability to save $150. Make the move. They will adapt quickly, enjoy the change, and get more work done!

There is no excuse to have a single monitor nowadays. It is slowing your users down by 30-40% easily. As I write this on my 3 screens, I cannot even imagine going back to the days of "screen switching" constantly to get work done.

Time to rip the band aid off and audit your employees to ensure everyone has two or three monitors.

Okay, my public service announcement is now over. Thanks for reading!