Have you ever had a failed phone call? Or had to repeat yourself over and over again due to poor sound quality? As an accounting firm owner or employee, you understand how embarrassing and frustrating poor quality phone calls can be. As a firm, you are expected to be able to communicate with clients/customers seamlessly. So when something is not working, you are the one at fault!

Luckily, there is a simple solution. A quality VoIP phone system can take your business communication to the next level. VoIP (or voice over Internet Protocol) is a way for phone conversations to be sent over the Internet instead of using traditional phone lines that have been used for the last several decades. Our VoIP system uses both traditional phone lines and internet. This allows you to make calls when the internet goes out but also gives you the freedom to make calls from multiple remote locations.

Keep in mind how many calls your accounting firm receives and makes daily. Be sure to select a business-grade VoIP System for your company. I’m sure you’ve heard of Vonage and magicJack. While they may be perfectly good VoIP systems for home use, they are consumer-grade and cannot handle the demands or call volume that a small to medium firm has.

Saving money on your phone bill should NOT be your only criteria when considering a VoIP phone system for 2 important reasons.


  1. Dropped calls and poor sound quality will frustrate you and cause prospects to hang up and call your competition. You might save some money on your phone bill, but you LOSE customers and sales.


  1. Make sure you look at the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO), not just the savings on your phone bill, which is what almost every VoIP salesperson focuses on.


We’d like to offer you a FREE IT Assessment. Let iMedia be your guide, and schedule a consultation today.  We’ll help you determine your most important IT needs. We can help you decide if VoIP will actually deliver the cost savings you want WITHOUT sacrificing call and sound quality, dependability, and the features you need.

Call 508-790-4171 or visit iMediaTech.com to learn more about how you can improve your accounting firm with unmatched IT support. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident your business phone calls will be successful, so you can focus on your client relationships rather than your IT.