Here’s the problem with antivirus:

There’s a common assumption that up-to-date antivirus will keep you safe when browsing the web, downloading files, and opening email. It’s a bad assumption.

Antivirus is only about 40 to 60% effective at best when in comes to stopping a virus or malware. Once that virus or malware installs on your computer, antivirus is pretty much useless and won’t protect you.

With a threat installed on your computer, it will spread to other computers on the office network.

Oh, nothing bad will happen right away. But wait a week, or a month, and then the gates of hell will open. Files will be encrypted and held for ransom payment. You’ll be out of business in a flash.

What can we do about it?

There’s got to be something better we thought. And there is.

Ready for a new acronym?

Its EDR – endpoint detection and response.

At iMedia Technology we’re removing traditional antivirus software from all our client computers and changing to an EDR + MDR. Oh no, another acronym. MDR is managed detection and response.

EDR watches your computer behavior. When abnormal activity is found it swings into action. MDR is the part that monitors and provides the fix.

EDR is way smarter than antivirus

When malware is found EDR will track and clean up its activity. EDR can stop ransomware in its tracks. A suspect computer with a high risk can be automatically disconnected from your network before the damage can spread.

Using artificial intelligence and other black magic (to you and me), EDR is in another league compared to antivirus.

Hey, EDR is not a silver bullet, or a magic solution for cyber security. It does play a major part of the solution (like firewalls, software updates, web filtering, cyber training, password hygiene, multifactor authentication,

Why you need to change to EDR

Ransomware is surging year over year. If you stay with traditional antivirus, you’re pretty much ensuring you’ll get ransomware at some point.

Also, cyber liability insurance carriers are looking for EDR use during their annual assessments. So don’t go blindly checking those boxes on the insurance application. Insurance carriers got screwed paying out ransomware claims. Carriers know their risk and payouts will be lower with EDR in place (among other things).

Talk to us about your antivirus

Like most businesspeople, you’re not up to speed on the latest cyber security protections because you’re running a business! After all, that’s why you outsource your IT support to a managed service provider like iMedia Technology. Talk to your IT support about EDR or give us a call to discuss today.