Windows 10 updates are becoming problematic for your IT support team in recent months. Major issues are being reported by clients after almost every release. Updates have caused printing, blue screen, and logon problems. There have also been graphic, printing, and performance problems due to Windows updates.

Patch Tuesday is the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases security, fixes, and feature updates. Historically, these updates install fairly well with few problems. Something at Microsoft has changed, as after each release we're hearing from unhappy clients that the update broke their computer overnight.

Needless to say, Microsoft's poor patch management doesn’t reflect well on the thousands of Managed Service Providers supporting business clients. Microsoft hasn't made an official comment on these issues. It appears Microsoft's testing of updates has fallen off the quality assurance bandwagon.

As errors are encountered and reported, we identify the offending update and roll back Windows to its prior state. The challenge is we don’t know a problem exists until clients report them to us.

Not patching computers isnt an option. The numerous security patches released are required to keep business client computers secure. Please keep in mind our team is doing our best to keep your business patched and productive.

Surprisingly, business technology doesn’t have to be overly complex and intimidating. iMedia Technology makes IT support easy:

  1. Meet with your Technology Advocate
  2. Get your cyber security plan
  3. Be secure

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Whether you’re an existing client, or new to iMedia Technology we think you should be confident in your business technology and security. Imagine the confidence you will have knowing iMedia’s “11 Ways Technology Can Make Your Business Secure is protecting your business. Imagine sleeping well knowing you’re not a cyber criminals low hanging fruit.