Your business has been hacked. Funds have been extorted and your hard-earned money is lost. Your cyber insurance claim was denied because you “could have been more prepared”. It’s your worst business nightmare.

Now what? You’re suffering from double damages. First the cybercrime, then your insurance carrier found you negligent and denied your claim. What went wrong? How could this have been avoided?

It is clear that it’s important to know how to protect your business before any damage is done. Cyber crime is organized crime. It’s a professionally run business with employee benefits, an HR department, sales and marketing.

If you ignore the possibility of a cyber threat, you now know that you are risking everything. Unfortunately, you have no one to blame except yourself. Owners must be aware of new opportunities as well as new threats.

You never hear about the more than 55% of businesses (your neighbors) who have had at least one data breach.

You cannot blame them. You wouldn’t advertise you were a cybercrime victims either. Because at the end of the day, YOU look ill prepared. Clients and prospects would head for the hills and find someone else more responsible to do business with. Don’t get caught with your head in the sand.

The truth is, every business will be a victim of cybercrime, eventually. Cyber insurance is important. However, preventing a cybercrime in the first place is even more important. You need to be certain you to understand what your carrier considers negligent or for not maintaining a minimum security standard. Knowing the language that determines when a claim can be denied is the first step to enhancing your cyber security. By reviewing cyber insurance policies, we get to learn what insurance carriers are looking for.

We know what you’re thinking. This is SCARY! And while you may feel overwhelmed and insecure about your business IT security right now- we’ve got some good news. With hundreds of happy customers, we can guide you through this intimidating process. We think it’s unfair that most companies aren't educated about cyber threats. We can provide an annual cyber strategy that pairs well with your cyber insurance.

If you don't have a cyber insurance policy, getting your IT security buttoned up is a good place to start to be sure you get the most competitive coverage and rates. Don't be lead to believe that antivirus and a firewall are all you need to protect your business. You’ve spent a lifetime building your business. Don’t let a professional criminal take it all away from you because you were low hanging fruit. You deserve to feel secure.


Luckily, there’s a simple plan to get you started:

  1. Review your cyber risk.
  2. Get a custom cyber plan.
  3. Reduce cyber threats and confidently manage your business.


So, schedule your free consultation now to get started. And if you want to learn more about cyber security visit our website for more information.

With the guidance you need and IT education in your pocket, you can be sure your business is safe. With proper training your employees will be able to confidently identify a phishing attack and know not to respond. Imagine having an IT strategy in place that makes your business very unattractive to organized cyber crime. Relax and know the castle you built is being protected with layers of security.