Not long ago, a client was in our office and I asked him: “Why did your company move to the cloud?” His response shocked me. “We moved to the cloud so we could hire the best talent”.

I probed further because I didn’t understand exactly how he resolved every business owners struggle of hiring good people. His business serviced a niche market, and they tend to hire people with very specific skills and accomplishments in their industry.

Often, they would engage with a job candidate, only to find the courtship fizzled. The barrier was the need for the employee to relocate. The job candidates too often didn’t want to uproot their family and relocate.

The business owner realized what was at stake: his company would not grow without the right people. He would never be able to hire enough talent regardless of pay, lifestyle, or location. He wanted A-players, not just anyone who would fill a role.

Moving his company’s technology to the Cloud allowed him to hire the best talent. He no longer had to compete with family commitments, relocation incentives, or moving expenses.

At iMedia we understand moving to the cloud can seem intimidating. How could your business be better by JUST moving to the cloud?

Though the cloud is overwhelming and intimidating to many, you won’t have to worry with iMedia by your side. iMedia has helped clients work from anywhere leveraging the cloud. We are confident we can help you too.

Here’s the plan:

  1. We will start with an IT assessment to understand your business needs.
  2. You will receive a custom plan, timeline, and budget.
  3. Let iMedia guide you to the cloud and support your business as it grows.

With your business technology in the cloud, you will be able to work from anywhere. You will have better cyber security, and access to your desktop from your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. You will also have an instant disaster recovery solution too.

To learn more how iMedia can help you grow your business by moving to the cloud, schedule a free consultation and let’s get planning. If you prefer, call our office directly at 508-790-4171 or email

Give your business the gift of competitive advantage. Hire the best and let them work from anywhere.